v1docq47 submits CCS proposal for Russian voice-over and transcription work

Posted Thu, 15 Sep 2022, from Monero Observer

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Monero contributor and XMR.ru1 mod v1docq472 has submitted a new CCS proposal3 to do Russian voice-over work and transcribe Monero content for the next 6 months:

Due to disallow on posting new CCS to translate on ccs.getmonero.org, I redid my previous CCS proposal and removed the translate part of the work. [..] Voiceover Monerokon 2022 and Monerotopia 2022 and creation information / news / tutorials video for YouTube channel and working on XMR.RU.

Funding needed: 42.8 XMR (6 months)
ETA: March 31 2023 (starting in October 2022) 

Planned work

  • Monerotopia 2022 on Russian (voiceover + transcriptions) 13 video
  • Monero Konferenco 2022 on Russian (voiceover + transcriptions) 14 video
  • Monero News (Quarterly) 2 video
  • Monero News (Weekly) 21 video
  • Monero tutorials 8 video
  • Monero on XMR.RU

A more complete list of planned work for this period can be found on Trello4.

v1docq47 is also working on the Unofficial Russian technical documentation for Monero5 project. Other contributions can be found on Weblate6.

You can post your comments and support this proposal on Gitlab in !3433.

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