plowsof posts final CCS coordinator progress report

Posted Sun, 12 Mar 2023, from Monero Observer

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plowsof1 has submitted a third (and final) progress report2 after working for more than three months as CCS coordinator3:

I hope the people who have supported me are satisfied with my performance. I am not perfect, and make mistakes - hopefully i have shown that i am able to change / move forward when this happens. 1 or 2 legal threats, but it seems like i’ve made it out onto the other side relatively unscathed knocks on hollow head. Thank you for reading.

Work summary

  • [CCS] helped 4 proposals move to funding (FeatherWallet, Independent Monero Film, Monero Observer, AcceptXMR)
  • [CCS] focused on 3 ‘problem’ proposals (MollyIM - not abandoned, SoloptXMR - no ‘comparable update’, Animated Videos - on-going issue)
  • [Testing/Misc] testing of a PR uncovered long wait time to generate addresses4; monero gui’s windows installer creator now allows people to build as soon as gitian binaries are available5; reverted a small feature in time for release (#4124)6; noticed that the ccs wallet is 242 xmr over funded7 [..]

The full progress report is available on Gitlab2.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report8 to learn more about plowsof’s CCS proposal.


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