moneromooo-monero ready to work on Townforge after 520 hours of Monero dev work

Posted Wed, 17 May 2023, from Monero Observer

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moneromooo-monero1 has completed2 his Monero dev work CCS proposal3, and is now planning to work on Townforge4 for the foreseeable future:

The last bit of work I did in Monero to push me past the pledged 520 hours was investigation and mitigation of what looks to be a spam attack sending plenty of duplicate transactions in notifications through Tor. [..] I will not be opening a new CCS, and for the foreseeable future I’ll be working on Townforge instead, my game-on-a-chain which is a Monero fork.

To learn more about moneromooo’s blockchain based game, read the manual on townforge.net5.






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