mj-xmr releases SolOptXMR v0.4.1 with 'security fixes'

Posted Thu, 24 Nov 2022, from Monero Observer

Source Article Link: https://monero.observer/mj-xmr-releases-soloptxmr-v0.4.1-security-fixes/

mj-xmr1 has released SolOptXMR (Solar Optimal mining of XMR)2 version 0.4.13 with some security fixes:

This release only replaces fixed versions (tags) of the 3rd party software (monero-core, xmrig & p2pool) with hashes of the same versions for security reasons.

Changes overview

  • Doc: Star history by @mj-xmr4
  • Using hashes of 3rd party software, rather than tags by @mj-xmr5

The full changelog36 is available on Github.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report7 to learn more about the project.

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