Stack Wallet out of beta with v2.0.0 release

Posted Tue, 14 May 2024, from Monero Observer

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rehrar1 has released Stack Wallet2 stable version 2.0.0 (build_222)3, exiting beta after ~1.6 years of development.

Changes overview

Exiting beta!
Added Bitcoin Frost multisig
Added Bitcoin taproot support
Updated Flutter version (1.3.19)
Finished networking overhaul (it all works now!)
Added Solana (not tokens yet)
Added Peercoin
Added Tor support for Tezos, Stellar, and Solana
Lots of Firo fixes and optimizations
Performance updates
Bug fixes
QoL additions [..]

The release notes, binaries, and the SHA256 hashes can be found on Github3.

Consult the previous Monero Observer report4 to learn more about the project.

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