MyNero Wallet v0.4.0 released with I2P and seed offset support

Posted Sat, 19 Nov 2022, from Monero Observer

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pokkst1 has released version 0.4.02 of MyNero Wallet3 with I2P and seed offset support:

This update brings the ability to connect to I2P nodes, seed offset support, and a new “Street Mode” [..] Seed offset support works much like a Bitcoin wallet’s BIP39 passphrase.4

Changes overview

- I2P node support!
- Wallets can now have seed offsets
- Added "Street Mode"
- Wallet syncing has been slightly optimized
- UI changes and touch-ups [..]

The complete changelog is available on the website5.

It is worth mentioning that this project’s Github repository6 is no longer maintained7, as pokkst decided to move the source code to I2P8.

To support the project you can donate XMR to the address listed on the website3.

Note: The seed offset is not shown anywhere in app, so be sure to keep it safe. If you opted to use this feature, wallet recovery is not possible without the password.



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  8. (I2P) http://4hsesnr6mjb4qrflgf5gezjaszzoqnnisin7ywzbsv6pgcxysiaq.b32.i2p/pokkst/mynero 

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