Monero Talk interviews ArticMine, JEhrenhofer on recent CCS incident

Posted Thu, 09 Nov 2023, from Monero Observer

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In this Monero Talk episode12, Douglas Tuman3 interviews Monero Core’s Francisco ArticMine Cabanas4 and Moonstone Research5 founder Justin Ehrenhofer6 on the recent CCS wallet breach7:

[..] I strongly suspect that a Windows machine was compromised. I also strongly suspect that this was used to attack the Linux machine containing the keys.. (Francisco @ 8:14)

[..] I would encourage the Core Team to work with someone competent to do a proper forensic analysis on the device.. (Justin @ 19:28)

Several topics are discussed in this interview, including the recent CCS incident, privacy and security practices, DRM & Intel ME8 issues, the analysis report published by Moonstone Research9, fluffypony’s proposal to disband Core10, and funding & governance going forward.

License: CC BY 4.0, no changes were made to the article.