Monero Talk interviews 'CryptoPoll' dev Vasilii Rogin

Posted Tue, 02 Apr 2024, from Monero Observer

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In this Monero Talk episode12, Douglas Tuman3 interviews Vasilii Rogin4, the developer of crypto voting application CryptoPoll5:

[..] I live in Helsinki [..] sometimes I need to transfer money to Russia to help my mother [..] because of all this economic situation, all these sanctions, it’s not possible. But using crypto and Monero it’s possible, so I can buy it here and then sell it there, so it’s not visible for the governments.. (Vasilii @ 41:50)

Several topics are discussed in this interview, including CryptoPoll use cases, Monero and ring signatures.

To learn more about Vasilii’s project, consult the associated Reddit thread6.

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