Monero Observer Artistic Saturday Top 5 - Week 37, 2022

Posted Sat, 17 Sep 2022, from Monero Observer

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This is the 34th Artistic Saturday weekly MO report. You can find previous reports in the [art]1 section.

5 - Monero hologram (by anotherxxdimension2)

Monero hologram

4 - ‘Monero vs Bitcoin privacy fight’ wallpaper (by monero.graphics3)

'Monero vs Bitcoin privacy fight' wallpaper

3 - ‘Monario’ design (by OnChainExpert4)

'Monario' design

2 - ‘Do not reveal your financial information’ Monero design (by monero.graphics5)

'Do not reveal your financial information' Monero design

1 - Untitled /XMR/ Monero General comic (by Anonymous6)

Untitled /XMR/ Monero General comic

That’s it for this week’s Artistic Saturday.

Let me know if you enjoyed this edition and send me your art suggestions @/about.

Notes: designs can be used freely, but other designs might be commissioned. Tip the artists to support their work.


License: CC BY 4.0, no changes were made to the article.