Meeting summary: Monero Research Lab, 27 April 2022

Posted Fri, 06 May 2022, from Monero Observer

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This is a comprehensive summary, with added reference links, of the Monero Research Lab meeting from April 27th 2022, 1700 UTC.


The raw, unedited, full log file for this meeting:

220427-mrl.log (108 lines)


Note: it is possible that some relevant information may be missing from this summary; read the full log file for the complete, unedited discussion.

  • Participants: 10 (UkoeHB1, selsta2, jberman3, xmr-ack4, mj-xmr5, Rucknium6, cryptogrampy7, kayabaNerve8, merope9, gingeropolous10)

  • (1) Updates

    • (1.1) on Seraphis11:

    • UkoeHB implemented binned reference sets and plans to work on the 16/2 jamtis address index discussion/possible implementation, then discretized fees

    • (1.2) on statistical analysis:

    • mj-xmr reported progress with the decoy selection algo analysis12, having summarized both the results and the strategy, and is planning to perform statistical analysis with Rucknium and jberman

    • mj-xmr mentioned the next (parallel) task of simulating the behavior of the system (fee and block size) in case of a sudden increase of transactions

    • Rucknium is working on estimating the effect (if any) of Minexmr’s increase in its pool fee from 1.0% to 1.1% on April 1st13

    • (1.3) on view tags and security:

    • jberman added support for view tags to the block explorer + monero-lws, helped add support for view tags to monero-python, and helped patch a vulnerability reported by kayabaNerve14

  • (2) Larger JAMTIS15 address tags (and address indices)

    • UkoeHB explained the address tag’s MAC and how increasing the size from 8 -> 18 will increase the blowfish ciphers from 1 to 3, but increasing the mac from 1 -> 2 bytes will reduce the cost of filter-failures by 1/256

    • jberman pointed out that 10 bytes per output would probably be more significant if the idea to have all tx’s use 16 outputs was implemented16

    • UkoeHB mentioned plans to do performance tests comparing 7/1 vs 16/2 jamtis address tags (size in bytes)

  • (3) Ending comments

    • cryptogrampy mentioned HotShop17

    • selsta was looking for someone to do an updated multisig writeup of the cryptography that should help the next audit (preferably before the launch of Haveno)

    • Rucknium suggested MAGIC18 could help fund the writeup and audit, and pinged coinstudent2048

    • jberman pinged dangerousfreedom for the task

Let me know if you find this kind of report helpful. If not, I will redirect time spent on this to other tasks.

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