Meeting summary: Monero Research Lab, 14 September 2022

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This is a comprehensive summary, with added reference links, of the MRL meeting1 from September 14th 2022, 1700 UTC.


The raw, unedited, full log file for this meeting:

220914-mrl.log (54 lines)


Note: it is possible that some relevant information may be missing from this summary; read the full log file for the complete, unedited discussion.

  • Participants: 9 (dangerousfreedom2, one-horse-wagon3, jberman4, rbrunner5, Rucknium6, ajs_7, UkoeHB8, xmrack9, chch300310)

  • (1) Updates

    • (1.1) on Monero inflation tools11 and Seraphis12:

    • dangerousfreedom finished scanning the blockchain: bp and clsag era, using his own Rust tools, and is planning to create auditability proofs to seraphis and help develop a minimum useful seraphis wallet13

    • dangerousfreedom confirmed that no new anomalies turned up while scanning, thanks to Bulletproofs

    • (1.2) on statistical analysis / OSPEAD14:

    • Rucknium included the statement: “I consider exploration of ring classification to be out of scope of this OSPEAD CSS.” into a newly added section on classification of rings by Decoy Selection Algorithm.

    • Rucknium announced that the disclosable part of OSPEAD fully specified plan will be released as soon as the MAGIC Monero Fund campaign15 to raise funds for mj-xmr’s C++ work for OSPEAD begins, probably next week

    • (1.3) on Monero dev work, Seraphis and Jamtis:

    • jberman was mostly doing dev work for the past week, fixing various bugs16, and is planning to complete background sync mode next and then prepare to dive into Seraphis/Jamtis17 along with rbrunner and dangerousfreedom

    • rbrunner invited contributors to join the #no-wallet-left-behind:haveno.network18 Seraphis/Jamtis project19 Matrix room

    • UkoeHB continued their work on the Seraphis library20 legacy integration and a non-multisig working demo could be ready by next week

    • (1.4) on Monero’s deterministic build process21:

    • one-horse-wagon was intently looking for ways to increase the number of deterministic builders before a code version is released, but concluded that the process cannot be made any more easier

    • (1.5) on Monero Konferenco 202322 and MRL recruitment:

    • ajs_ and a few others started making plans for MoneroKon 2023 and would like to seek technical co-sponsorship with IEEE Computer Society23 in an effort to attract more researchers to the conference and help with MRL recruitment efforts24

    • (1.6) on Monero research papers:

    • Rucknium mentioned that xmrack’s Lord of the Rings: An Empirical Analysis of Monero’s Ring Signature Resilience to Artifically Intelligent Attacks (PDF25, report26) MAGIC-funded research paper is making the rounds.

  • (2) Open discussions

    • (2.1) on Monero funding systems:

    • Rucknium explained the need for both the CCS27 and MAGIC Grant’s Monero Fund28 to chch3003

    • (2.2) on quantum resistance:

    • one-horse-wagon expressed concerns about the coming era of quantum computers: Big corporations and governments will have them. The MRL will not at least initally.

    • dangerousfreedom thought that quantum computers are so far from being a threat and proposed exploring the algorithms that are in the final phase of NIST; tevador linked to their Zero-cost post-quantum mitigations for Seraphis29 draft

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