Meeting summary: Monero Development Workgroup, 7 May 2022

Posted Tue, 10 May 2022, from Monero Observer

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This is a comprehensive summary, with added reference links, of the Monero Development Workgroup meeting from May 7th 2022, 1700 UTC.


The raw, unedited, full log file for this meeting:

220507-dev.log (92 lines)


Note: it is possible that some relevant information may be missing from this summary; read the full log file for the complete, unedited discussion.

  • Participants: 8 (UkoeHB1, selsta2, jberman3, ErCiccione4, rbrunner5, sech16, hyc7, garth8)

  • (1) Network update: situation

    • ErCiccione mentioned UkoeHB’s Multisig: signature fixes #8149 PR9

    • UkoeHB suggested vtnerd could potentially review #8149 before merging it

    • UkoeHB mentioned that multisig: add post-kex verification round #8220 PR10 is in the merge queue

    • hyc stated that the gitian arm macosx should be ready to merge before then

    • ErCiccione reminded everyone that everything should be ready by May 16th, as previously established11

    • rbrunner and jberman have almost finished reviewing #807612

    • jberman thinks #776013 could also be included, if he can review it in time

    • selsta reminded everyone that this “feature complete” date was never really strict and PRs can still be merged after May 16th

    • UkoeHB answered garth’s question after clarifying that the multisig fixes are not consensus-breaking changes

    • garth thought that non-consensus breaking upgrades should not be listed in the already pretty long network upgrade history

  • (2) Decide stagenet fork date/height

    • selsta suggested that the stagenet fork is usually 1 week before mainnet (July 9th)

    • jberman volunteered to handle the pull request and set the block height for the testnet fork (1982800 and 1983520)

    • ErCiccione summed up the definitive plan:

      • Branch/feature complete: May 16th, 2022
        Release date: June 16th, 2022
        Testnet hard-fork: May 16th, 2022, block 1982800 and 1983520
        Stagenet hard-fork: July 9th
        Mainnet hard-fork: July 16th, 2022, block 2668888

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