MAGIC Monero Fund starts GoFundMe fundraiser campaign for noot's ETH-XMR atomic swaps project

Posted Thu, 11 Aug 2022, from Monero Observer

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MAGIC Grants1’s Monero Fund2 has started a GoFundMe fundraiser campaign3 looking to help noot4 continue ETH-XMR atomic swaps5 development for 4 months:

The MAGIC Monero Fund is raising funds for noot to continue development on ETH-XMR atomic swaps. [..] This campaign is being done through the MAGIC Monero Fund, and all donations go to it. Should this proposal fail for any reason, donations will support this Fund.6

$65 USD raised of $24,000 goal (3 donations)

Proposed work

  • Relayer support
  • Ethereum privacy improvements
  • ERC20 support
  • Disk permanence
  • General maintainence and bugfixes

noot decided7 to close her second CCS proposal a few weeks ago, and go with a MAGIC Monero Fund grant instead.

Visit the GoFundMe3 page to review and support this campaign.

Consult the previous Monero Observer reports891011 to learn more about MAGIC and noot’s work.

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