Justin Berman posts final CCS progress report after 500+ hours of Monero dev work

Posted Mon, 20 Nov 2023, from Monero Observer

Source Article Link: https://monero.observer/jberman-completes-monero-dev-work-2023-part-5-ccs/

Justin Berman1 has published the third and final progress report2 for his full-time 2023 (part 5) Monero dev work CCS proposal3:

Update 3: 500+ hours

Work overview

  • Completed changes to the GUI PR for background sync and made corresponding changes to the core repo PR
  • Pushed a draft PR with clear remaining TODO’s for the Seraphis lib async scanner
  • Explored swapping epee’s http client with libcurl in the async scanner
  • Implemented review comments on the PR for a utility to convert legacy tx’s outputs into Seraphis wallet lib compatible enotes
  • No further progress on full chain membership proof integration since update 2

Justin is planning4 to continue work on the next main wallet3 task of completing todo’s in the async scanner PR5.

The full dev update is available on Github in !4012.

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