Justin Berman posts CCS progress report after ~268 hours of dev work

Posted Wed, 14 Sep 2022, from Monero Observer

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Justin Berman1 has published the first progress report2 for his full-time 2022 (part 3) Monero dev work CCS proposal3:

Hours worked: ~268

CCS work overview

  • Wallets (CLI, GUI, and RPC tested) will check compatibility with the daemon’s hard fork version when connecting and scanning4
  • Collaborated with @koe to fix multisig seed restore5
  • Reviewed the Ledger devs’ final update to their Monero app for the hard fork6
  • Completed the Ledger integration for the hard fork in the Monero repo7
  • Made necessary hard fork changes to utility used by mining pools8 [..]

To read the full report, consult the GH comment2.

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