Haveno opens 4 new bounties worth 2.5 XMR

Posted Tue, 13 Sep 2022, from Monero Observer

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Haveno1 has opened 4 new bounties worth a total of 2.5 XMR in an effort to attract Java developers:

If you are a #Java developer and would like to help build the most important #Monero project of the last years and get #XMR in exchange, these are for you!2


  • “The trade is in an invalid state” error next to trade [0.25 XMR] #4323
  • fix color scheme of offer book in market view [0.5 XMR] #4094
  • Upgrade Gradle version to 7.3.3 [0.75 XMR] #2245
  • Create static Haveno binaries for all platforms [1 XMR] #4366

Anyone can participate and the bounty will be awarded to the first person who resolves each issue.

Before starting any work, post a comment in the appropriate issue, so it can be assigned to you.

Full conditions can be found in the bounties.md7 file.

Join IRC8, Matrix9 & Telegram10 Haveno communities to help build the project.

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