Gingeropolous submits 'Research Computing Upgrade' CCS proposal

Posted Wed, 11 May 2022, from Monero Observer

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Gingeropolous1 has submitted a Research Computing Upgrade CCS proposal2, which is mainly focused on providing high-end server infrastructure access to the Monero research and development community:

This CCS proposal is to fund me to work part time on monero in various capacities, fund some monero research computing infrastructure, and to support my official training in Computer Science.

Total funding: 57 XMR ($1500/month).

ETA: ~4 months.


  • M1: Expand data storage on existing server (30 XMR)
  • M2: Month 1 support (9 XMR)
  • M3: Month 2 support (9 XMR)
  • M4: Month 3 support (9 XMR)

Gingeropolous is a r/Monero moderator and their community contributions include: webmin for and testing fluffyblocks on mainnet3.

To share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3172.


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