CryptoMorpheus_ submits CCS proposal looking to improve

Posted Wed, 11 May 2022, from Monero Observer

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CryptoMorpheus_1 has submitted a CCS proposal2, looking to improve, develop the website’s article section and cover project maintenance costs:

I made for the community out of my own pocket and time, over a year ago, and kept as much as I could updating and improving. I certainly believe that this is a project that deserves some investment, as it is very useful as a tool, and has been increasing in size.

Total funding: 87 XMR (5040 USD/month * 3).

ETA: ~3 months (28 hours/week production).


  • M1: New server, fix bugs and improve the interface (29 XMR)
  • M2: Improve loading speed and deliver new metrics (29 XMR)
  • M3: Build new charts with metrics and begin development of articles section (29 XMR)

CryptoMorpheus_ is the creator of Monero metrics project, Moneroj.net3, and the the developer behind by Cake Wallet4.

To share your feedback, ask questions and support this proposal, consult !3182.

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