Cake Pay Mobile to shut down due to the provider exiting the crypto business

Posted Mon, 10 Jul 2023, from Cake Labs

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We have some somber news today. We are temporarily shutting down Cake Pay Mobile for the time being.

This is not our decision. The provider behind Cake Pay Mobile, Ionia, has abruptly thrown away their cryptocurrency-related business, including their similar products in DashDirect and Edge.

We are not aware of any tangible compliance concerns relating to this program. It is our understanding that their primary motive for dropping service is simply a change of their business direction.

We are actively working on a replacement provider for Cake Pay.

We’re sorry

We deeply care about a gift card marketplace, and it’s frustrating that we have had such a rough few months. We are doing everything we can to bring this service back to users.

Users will be emailed their cards

We are told by Ionia that users will be emailed copies of their gift cards. These cards will continue to be valid. Our support staff will remain available if you have questions about payments and refunds.

If you have not gotten your cards by July 15th, please email our support for assistance.