'Mallorca Blockchain Days' conference looking for EU-based Monero speaker for July 14-17 event

Posted Thu, 05 May 2022, from Monero Observer

Source Article Link: https://monero.observer/mallorca-blockchain-conference-days-looking-monero-speaker/

Mallorca Blockchain Days1 conference is currently looking2 for an EU-based Monero speaker for the upcoming July 14-17 event3 in Palma, Mallorca (Spain), according to Justin Ehrenhofer4:

The Mallorca Blockchain Days conference is looking for a charismatic and knowledgeable speaker about Monero to present. [..] The conference seems to consist primarily of Bitcoin supporters who are also pro-privacy and open to learning more about Monero.

The conference can cover accommodation and MAGIC Grants5/the MAGIC Monero Fund6 can cover flight costs.

Sethforprivacy7 and Justin can help with the presentation.

Note that the speech will be recorded. The conference agenda and side events are available on their website3.

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