m0n3r0d1c3 starts work on Monero dice casino 'Mokazino'

Posted Sat, 07 May 2022, from Monero Observer

Source Article Link: https://monero.observer/m0n3r0d1c3-started-work-monero-dice-casino-mokazino/

m0n3r0d1c31 has reportedly2 started working on the CCS-funded3 Monero dice casino, Mokazino4:

Work have just started! Head over to https://mokazino.net/ for updates!


 - [x] Deploy servers
 - [x] Buy the domain
 - [ ] Generate onion
 - [ ] Sync the nodes
 - [ ] Start the site  __/ Betting will be available 
 - [ ] Gain investors    \ somewhere around here.
 - [ ] Enjoy the dice

To learn more about the project, consult my previous report3 and follow the associated Twitter account5.

Update: casino is now live.

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