CryptoGrampy wraps up HotShop CCS proposal

Posted Sun, 28 May 2023, from Monero Observer

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CryptoGrampy1 has posted a CCS update2, announcing the completion of his HotShop3 project, an ephemeral browser-based Monero point of sale:

The HotShop CCS is complete. It’s been deployed and usable on the free static site host, for a number of months now- people are using it, I have yet to have a person reach out with a bug (besides my node being down) and it’s had over a dozen unique clones in just the past week alone. [..] Thank you all for your support.

CCS accomplishments overview

  • HotShop works: a very simple to use payment validator that requires zero downloads or hosting
  • It runs over Tor
  • It can be deployed via a static hosting provider or self-hosted with the regularly updated Docker image
  • It can be set up in under 2 minutes
  • All of the Coingecko Fiat pairs are supported
  • HotShop can be used as a progressive web app

CryptoGrampy plans to continue hosting a web-compatible HotShop node4 for the next several months and will also support the project with updates.

To learn more about HotShop, consult the previous Monero Observer report5.

To support CryptoGrampy’s work, consider contributing to his Laptop Fund6.

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